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Why Impound Van Insurance?

Whether you had a mix up with a previous insurance, had your van on the road side uninsured or your policy had expired and you was unaware, having your van impounded can be a real stressful time. Many insurers will not offer to cover you when you need it most and will be charging much more money for your insurance premiums, adding further insult to injury.

We understand mistakes happen.

Since you will have to get impound van insurance to release your bike and many insurance companies will refuse to issue you with cover, you may feel that you have nowhere to go. Even if you do have impounded van insurance, any police conviction you receive afterwards could mean that some insurers will continue to charge significantly higher rates, and some may even refuse to cover you in future.

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Specialist Support.

You don’t need to feel helpless  to make a difficult choice between an affordable policy and the best insurance for your van. 

All you need is short term cover to get the van out of the impound and that can be arranged by our specialist providers.

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